From: Jyrki Kontio []
Sent: 9. elokuuta 2004 23:53
Subject: ISERN'04 action

Dear ISERN'04 participant,

Here are some actions and reminders for all (or most) of us before our meeting next week.

1) Fill out and return the participant information sheets and send them to me. if you fail to do this by Thursday this week, you will need to bring your own color hardcopy to the site or use the low-cost printer on site to produce your missing piece. Instructions and templates are available at the meeting website:

2) The registration has gone up during the last couple of weeks: it seems that there will be about 60 or us -- if you haven't met everyone, take a corresponding number of business cards with you...

3) Rumor has it that on Monday night there might be some sing-alongs or song performances. If you have some folk songs that you can perform -- or better yet, if you can disclose an ISERN-colleague that can be persuaded to sing -- contact and We expect to get a performance from every major geographical area of the globe ;-)

Finally, I will send you a note later this week if there are any updates on the ISERN'04 webpages in any of the sessions, i.e., material to be read in advance etc.

I look forward to seeing you shortly -- and do not hesitate to ask if you have any last minute questions.


Jyrki Kontio, Mobile: +358 (40) 8232 800