From: Jyrki Kontio []
Sent: 29. kesäkuuta 2004 22:21
Subject: ISERN'04 tentative program available for feedback

Dear ISERN colleague,

Based on the feedback we've received, the ISERN'04 program is now taking shape and its tentative and updated structure is available at

Please, take a look and consider the following points for action or feedback:

- as you can see, some session chairs have not been fixed, volunteers and contributors are still welcome -- and needed
- let me know of any further ideas or issues that you may have based on the draft version of the program
- note that the program will have some parallel sessions; if you have concerns or conflicts about such sessions, let me know and we can consider alternative scheduling configurations

Based on the attendance feedback (that close to 70% of you gave) it seems that there will be 40+ attendants at ISERN'04.
Please, register early so that you can ensure your participation and we will get confirmation about the number of participants -- which will influence the format of some of the sessions.

Also note that the ISERN'04 website will contain copies of the emails I've sent to ISERN members, so that you and your colleagues can easily keep track of the communications and announcements we've had.


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