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ISERN'04 session chairs and contributors

Dear ISERN'04 participant,

based on the feedback and discussions we've had, enclosed at the end if this message you will find the list of sessions and their chairs and contributors for the ISERN'04 meeting.

Please, note that some sessions might need additional contributors and you are welcome to volunteer to the session chairs. In particular, the working group sessions on the second day need chairs.

Session chairs and the contributors are now in charge of each session and I hope that all of you will be active in discussing the sessions actively already before the ISERN'04 meeting.

Please, accept my apologies for the ISERN'04 web site being down: our servers had a total crash and the web site should be online tomorrow. In the meanwhile, the html page attached contains the most recent version of the program. The session contents will be gradually refined and kept up-to-date through the ISERN'04 website.

Regs...JKo (Jyrki Kontio)

P.S. In the list below, I take you can figure out that the text string "_A_" needs to replaced by the @ -symbol. 

ISERN'04 sessions and contributors:

Guidelines for empirical research

Chair: Dieter Rombach, rombach_A_iese.fhg.de
Mike Barker, mbarker_A_is.naist.jp
Andreas Jedlitschka, jedl_A_iese.fraunhofer.de
Reidar Conradi, conradi_A_idi.ntnu.no

Experiences in small company process improvement ("SME SPI")

Chair: Ross Jeffery, Ross.Jeffery_A_nicta.com.au
Teresa Baldassarre, baldassarre_A_di.uniba.it
TBD (Fraunhofer?)

Inspections and reading techniques

Chair: Forrest Shull, fshull_A_fc-md.umd.edu
Giovanni Cantone, cantone_A_copernico.uniroma2.it
Marcus Ciolkowski, ciolkows_A_informatik.uni-kl.de

Empirical theory

Chair: Dag Sj°berg, dagsj_A_simula.no
Claes Wohlin, Claes.Wohlin_A_bth.se
Audris Mockus, audris_A_avaya.com
Erik Stensrud, er-stens_A_online.no

Agile development methods

Chair: Laurie Williams, williams_A_csc.ncsu.edu
Seija Komi-Sirvi÷, Seija.Komi-Sirvio_A_vtt.fi
Pekka Abrahamsson, pekka.abrahamsson_A_vtt.fi

Surveys as tools in empirical research

Chair: by Odd Petter Slyngstad, oslyngst_A_idi.ntnu.no
Jyrki Kontio, jyrki.kontio_A_hut.fi

Value of empirical research

Chair: Barry Boehm, boehm_A_sunset.usc.edu
Stefan Biffl, Stefan.Biffl_A_tuwien.ac.at

Parallel working groups (tentative):