From: Jyrki Kontio []
Sent: 9. elokuuta 2004 23:48
Subject: ISERN'04 Sessions and presentation material

Dear session chairs and contributors,

I have noticed that most of you have been active in preparing and planning your sessions, hopefully you are close to finalizing your plans. Good job!

Here are some pieces of information you may want to consider when finalizing you session.

i) Please note that you can use the ISERN'04 web site to post any material, position statements slides, links to papers, etc. you may wish to have available to participants. Any such material should be available to participants at the latest on Thursday so that everyone will have an option to download and print them. If you want to take advantage of this option, email me ASAP and we can sort out the details (which, in short are: email me the material and I'll upload it).

ii) We would like to get the presentation materials loaded into the presentation computers in advance. Preferably, send your material to, and by Aug 10 (and do not use zipped files, with large files, make them available through the web). If you fail to do this, bring your materials with a USB memory stick.

iii) There will about 60 participants in the meeting -- up from the estimates we made some time ago. You may want to reconsider the structure and format in your presentation to deal with this larger number or participants, e.g., using mini-discussion groups, voting, exercises etc. to maximize interactions and discussions. I will be more than happy to discuss and bounce off any such suggestions.


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