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From: Jyrki Kontio
Sent: 31. elokuuta 2004 0:50
Subject: ISERN'04 wrap-up

Dear ISERN'04 participant,

Thank you all for your contributions and interactions during the ISERN meeting. For me, it was another week of accelerated learning and deep lessons from the true empirists in the field.

Here are a few wrap up actions and information on what is going to happen after the meeting. You may be interested to note that I have uploaded the feedback summaries (and all the details, too) on the ISERN'04 website, along with a picture of the "ISERN network". See http://www.soberit.hut.fi/isern04/

First, I would like all session chairs to collect their session presentations and obtain the notes from their scribe and edit any highlights or summaries into a form that it will be useful input for others. Assume that readers would be ones that may not have attended the session. For practical reasons and also for outreach to other interested people, I suggest that we post the files on the ISERN site without password protection: if you have confidential information in your slides, edit them accordingly. When your pack is ready, send it to me and I'll upload to the ISERN'04 web page.

Second, I will create an action item list of all actions the sessions or teams came up with. This will give us all some visibility (as well as motivation) to work on these actions between now and the next meeting. Thus, if you volunteered for an action, send me the following information on your action: - description - planned output - name and email of the coordinator - contributors - schedule or milestones

Third, if you have any pictures you'd like to share, please, send a sample to me and I'll (eventually) upload some of them on the website (I especially would like to get one of Barry on the guitar ;-).


Jyrki Kontio
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