ISERN'04 feedback

Feedback from ISERN'04 was collected by asking all participants to write their feedback and suggestions to individual sheets on three topics:

  1. Highlights or good experiences during ISERN'04
  2. Areas for improvement or problems
  3. Ideas and suggestions for ISERN'05

About 60 participants gave feedback, resulting in 314 individual inputs.  All of them were collected and analyzed and after merging similar entries and editing some of them for clarity, 231 unique recommendations were identified, grouped into 30 main categories. Main findings are listed below (links to more detailed data at the end of this page).



There was a higher variance in cited problems, i.e., there are less common patterns.  Main findings:

Input for 2005

The slide set that contains the detailed mindmaps on each of the topics is available for download: ISERN'04 feedback (a PDF file).  If you are using the Mind Manager software, you can also download the feedback mindmaps in "source" form: mindmaps in a WinZip file.