Participant instructions for ISERN'04

The following contains brief instructions for the participants of ISERN'04.  The topics are listed as ISERN member and their co-participants, candidate members, Observer guests, and Session chairs and contributors

ISERN members and their co-participants

All ISERN members are requested to prepare a member information page to be posted on the meeting wall.  This "membership showcase" is used to support networking and information sharing between members and meeting participants.  
You should fill in and send in your member information sheet using the PowerPoint template available at  
(NB: template updated on July 28: instructions for additional member representatives added)

Instructions for the template: 

Candidate members

As a candidate member of ISERN, you are kindly requested to prepare a poster that presents your motivation, expectations and  planned contributions to the ISERN community.  Here are the instructions for the poster: 

Note that if you already submitted a poster for the ISESE symposium, you do not need to make an additional poster, your poster will be available during the ISERN'04 meeting as well.  However, in this case we still hope that you will fill in the candidate member information sheet (using the link above). 


If you are a guest observer at the ISERN'04 meeting, we recommend that you prepare and fill in an information sheet that will help other participants get to know you better.  You can use the template provided to present yourself to the community:

Here are some instructions for filling in the template:

Session chairs and contributors

Plan and prepare the session and submit the information well in advance to the ISERN'04 web site so that all participants do their homework on your topic.  In particular, plan and communicate the objectives and planned results of your session. 

One particular goal we have this year is for each session to produce some concrete result that can be documented and built upon during the following year and used as a new stepping stone the following year.  Plan the format of your session accordingly and discuss and plan whether some post session activity should take place to make this happen.

 Remember the ground rules:

The bottom line is: focus on making very concise and clear initial statements to set the scene and thrive on the discussion -- that's what makes ISERN unique and valuable.

If you want to have hand-outs available as hardcopies of your presentations, they need to be sent to local organizers by AUGUST 2. Also note that you can use the ISERN'04 website to let people see your presentations or material in advance.