ISESE 2006 and ESEIW 2006 Registration and Hotel Reservation!

The 4th Experimental Software Engineering International Week

September 18-22, 2006

The 5th International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering
September 21-22, 2006

Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL


The official hotel for ISESE and ESEIW 2006 is the Everest Hotel. To stay at the official hotel can bring some advantages, mainly in big cities like Rio de Janeiro. Hotel and traveling arrangements will be managed by our official travel agency, the DNB Turismo. You can check the rates, transportation facilities and so on visiting the DNB Turismo homepage. Please, consider to make your hotel reservation using the DNB Turismo services. Remember that we have locked a specific number of rooms for ESEIW and ISESE 2006.


ISERN meeting and (IASESE - IDoESE - ESELAW) Registration services (provided by COPPETEC Foundation)


ISESE 2006 Registration services (provided by RegOnline- ACM Vendor).



We are working to organize a nice conference for all of you! Please, do not hesitate to be in touch with us if you have any question or suggestion.


Brazil has good diplomatic relations with most (if not all) countries around the world and usually you should not need a VISA to be in. However, due reciprocity, you may need to have a Brazilian VISA  if your country asks for a VISA for the Brazilians. 


DNB Turismo (Mr. Danilo or Mrs. Beth) can give you the directions regarding your travel, flights, VISA and immunization certificates needed.  If you need some sort of invitation to be here (what can easy to ask for a VISA at the Brazilian Embassy) let ESEIW 2006 team knows.  To be in touch with DNB Turismo, consider the following references additionally to the provided links:


DNB Turismo: Av. Rio Branco, 181 / sl. 407 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
TelFax: 2532-0590 / Tels: 2532-0178 :: 2532-0187 / E-mail: