International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement

List of Accepted Papers

  • Requirement and Design Trade-offs in Hackystat: An in-process software engineering measurement and analysis system
    Philip Johnson
  • Assessing, Comparing, and Combining Statechart-based testing and Structural testing: An Experiment
    Samar Mouchawrab, Lionel C. Briand, Yvan Labiche
  • Observing Software Testing Practice from the Viewpoint of Organizations and Knowledge Management
    Ossi Taipale, Katja Karhu, Kari Smolander
  • The Impact of Group Size on Software Architecture Evaluation: A Controlled Experiment
    Muhammad Ali Babar, Barbara Kitchenham
  • Relevant Information Sources for Successful Technology Transfer: A Survey using Inspections as Example
    Andreas Jedlitschka, Marcus Ciolkowski, Christian Denger, Bernd Freimut, Andreas Schlichting
  • A Replicate Empirical Comparison Between Software Development with Inspection and Pair Development
    Monvorath Phongpaibul and Barry Boehm
  • Using Software Dependencies and Churn Metrics to Predict Field Failures: An Empirical Case Study
    Nachiappan Nagappan, Thomas Ball
  • Usage and Perceptions of Agile Software Development in an Industrial Context: An Exploratory Study
    Andrew Begel, Nachiappan Nagappan
  • Developing Search Strategies for Detecting Relevant Experiments for Systematic Reviews
    Oscar Dieste, Anna Griman Padua
  • Characterizing Software Architecture Changes: An Initial Study
    Byron J. Williams, Jeffrey C. Carver
  • Static Members and Cycles in Java Software
    Hayden Melton, Ewan Tempero
  • Comparing Size Measures for Predicting Web Application Development Effort: A Case Study
    Sergio Di Martino, Filomena Ferrucci, Carmine Gravino, Emilia Mendes
  • Applying Systematic Reviews to Diverse Study Types: An Experience Report
    Tore Dybå, Torgeir Dingsøyr, Geir K. Hanssen
  • A Comparison of Techniques for Web Effort Estimation
    Emilia Mendes
  • The Effects of Over and Under Sampling on Fault-prone Module Detection
    Yasutaka KAMEI, Akito MONDEN, Shinsuke MATSUMOTO, Takeshi KAKIMOTO, Ken-ichi MATSUMOTO
  • Effort Prediction in Iterative Software Development Processes – Incremental Versus Global Prediction Models
    Pekka Abrahamsson, Raimund Moser, Witold Pedrycz, Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo Succi
  • Evaluating Software Project Control Centers in Industrial Environments
    M. Ciolkowski, J. Heidrich, J. Münch, F. Simon, M. Radicke
  • Usability Evaluation Based on Web Design Perspectives
    Tayana Conte, Jobson Massollar, Emilia Mendes, Guilherme H. Travassos
  • Fine-Grained Software Metrics in Practice
    Michael English, Jim Buckley, Tony Cahill
  • Using Context Distance Measurement to Analyze Results across Studies
    Daniela Cruzes, Manoel Mendonça, Victor Basili, Forrest Shull, Mario Jino
  • Building Software Cost Estimation Models using Homogenous Data
    Rahul Premraj, Thomas Zimmermann
  • Comparing Model Generated with Expert Generated IV&V Activity Plans
    Haruka Nakao, Daniel Port
  • A Comparative Study of Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering Approaches
    Américo Sampaio, Phil Greenwood, Alessandro F. Garcia and Awais Rashid
  • Toward Reducing Fault Fix Time: Understanding Developer Behavior for the Design of Automated Fault Detection Tools
    Lucas Layman, Laurie Williams, Robert St. Amant
  • An Experimental Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Test-Driven Development
    Atul Gupta, Pankaj Jalote
  • Filtering, Robust Filtering, Polishing Techniques for Addressing Quality in Software Data
    Gernot Liebchen, Martin Shepperd, Michelle Cartwright, Bheki Twala, Mark Stephens
  • Cognitive Limits of Software Cost Estimation
    Ricardo Valerdi
  • Comparing Local and Global Software Effort Estimation Models – Reflections on a Systematic Review
    Stephen G. MacDonell, Martin J. Shepperd
  • Mining Software Evolution to Predict Refactoring
    Jacek Ratzinger, Thomas Sigmund, Peter Vorburger, Harald Gall
  • Is This Cost Estimate Reliable? - The Relationship between Homogeneity of Analogues and Estimation Reliability
    Naoki Ohsugi, Akito Monden, Nahomi Kikuchi, Michael D. Barker, Masateru Tsunoda, Takeshi Kakimoto, and Ken-ichi Matsumoto
  • Proposal of a Complete Life Cycle In-Process Measurement Model Based on Evaluation of an In-Process Measurement Experiment Using a Standardized Requirement Definition Process
    Yoshiki Mitani, Tomoko Matsumura, Mike Barker, Seishiro Tsuruho, Katsuro Inoue, Ken-Ichi Matsumoto
  • A Comparative Case Study on the Impact of Test-Driven Development on Program Design and Test Coverage
    Maria Siniaalto and Pekka Abrahamsson
  • Measuring Impact of Adaptive Maintenance Process on Quality of Open-Source Software
    Denis Kozlov, Jussi Koskinen, Jouni Markkula, Markku Sakkinen
  • Evaluating the Usefulness and Ease of Use of a Groupware Tool for the Software Architecture Evaluation Process
    Muhammad Ali Babar, Dietmar Winkler, Stefan Biffl
  • Tuning anonymity level for assuring high data quality: an empirical study
    Gerardo Canfora, Corrado Aaron Visaggio
  • Test Inspected Unit or Inspect Unit Tested Code?
    Atul Gupta and Pankaj Jalote
  • Generalizing fault contents from a few classes
    Hanna Scott, Philip M Johnson
  • Conceptual Differences Between Functional Size Measurement Methods
    Cigdem Gencel, Onur Demirors
  • An Estimation Model for Test Execution Effort
    Eduardo Aranha and Paulo Borba
  • Fault-Prone Filtering: Detection of Fault-Prone Modules Using Spam Filtering Technique
    Osamu Mizuno, Shiro Ikami, Shuya Nakaichi, Tohru Kikuno
  • Defect Detection Efficiency: Test Case Based vs. Exploratory Testing
    Juha Itkonen, Mika V. Mäntylä and Casper Lassenius
  • An Empirical Study of the Effects of Gestalt Principles on Diagram Understandability
    Krystle Lemon, Edward B. Allen, Jeffrey C. Carver, Gary L. Bradshaw
  • A Visual Text Mining approach for Systematic Reviews
    Viviane Malheiros, Erika Höhn, Roberto Pinho, Manoel Mendonça, José Carlos Maldonado
  • Impact Analysis of Missing Values on the Prediction Accuracy of Analogy-based Software Effort Estimation Method AQUA
    Jingzhou Li, Ahmed Al-Emran, Guenther Ruhe
International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement - Madrid