International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement

ESEM program

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ESEM program
8:30-9:00 Opening
9:00-10:00 Keynote address
Chair: Natalia Juristo (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
A Critical Analysis of Empirical Research in Software Testing. L. Briand
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-12:30 Experience Management
Chair: ()
Proposal of a Complete Life Cycle In-Process Measurement Model Based on Evaluation of an In-Process Measurement Experiment Using a Standardized Requirement Definition Process. Y. Mitani, T. Matsumura, M. Barker, S. Tsuruho, K. Inoue, and K. Matsumoto
Observing Software Testing Practice from the Viewpoint of Organizations and Knowledge Management. O. Taipale, K. Karhu, and K. Smolander
Relevant Information Sources for Successful Technology Transfer: A Survey using Inspections as Example. A. Jedlitschka, M. Ciolkowski, C. Denger, B. Freimut, and A. Schlichting
Empirical Studies of Testing and Validation
Chair: ()
Assessing, Comparing, and Combining Statechart-based testing and Structural testing: An Experiment. S. Mouchawrab, L.C. Briand, and Y. Labiche
Test Inspected Unit or Inspect Unit Tested Code? A. Gupta, and P. Jalote
Defect Detection Efficiency: Test Case Based vs. Exploratory Testing. J. Itkonen, M.V. Mäntylä, and C. Lassenius
Comparing Model Generated with Expert Generated IV&V Activity Plans. H. Nakao, and D. Port
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Experimental Techniques and Infrastructure
Chair: ()
Requirement and Design Trade-offs in Hackystat: An in-process software engineering measurement and analysis system. P. Johnson
Tuning anonymity level for assuring high data quality: an empirical study. G. Canfora, and C.A. Visaggio
Filtering, Robust Filtering, Polishing; Techniques for Addressing Quality in Software Data. G. Liebchen, M. Shepperd, M. Cartwright, B. Twala, and M. Stephens
Effort Estimation
Chair: ()
An Estimation Model for Test Execution Effort. E. Aranha, and P. Borba
Cognitive Limits of Software Cost Estimation. R. Valerdi
Impact Analysis of Missing Values on the Prediction Accuracy of Analogy-based Software Effort Estimation Method AQUA. J. Li, A. Al-Emran, and G. Ruhe
Empirical Studies of Software Products
Chair: ()
Static Members and Cycles in Java Software. H. Melton, and E. Tempero
Usability Evaluation Based on Web Design Perspectives. T. Conte, J. Massollar, E. Mendes, and G.H. Travassos
An Empirical Study of the Effects of Gestalt Principles on Diagram Understandability. K. Lemon, E.B. Allen, J.C. Carver, and G.L. Bradshaw
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
Empirical Studies of Software Processes
Chair: ()
A Comparative Study of Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering Approaches. A. Sampaio, P. Greenwood, A.F. Garcia, and A. Rashid
Toward Reducing Fault Fix Time: Understanding Developer Behavior for the Design of Automated Fault Detection Tools. L. Layman, L. Williams, and R. St. Amant

Quality and Defect Prediction
Chair: ()

Measuring Impact of Adaptive Maintenance Process on Quality of Open-Source Software. D. Kozlov, J. Koskinen, J. Markkula, and M. Sakkinen
The Effects of Over and Under Sampling on Fault-prone Module Detection. Y. Kamei, A. Monden, S. Matsumoto, T. Kakimoto, and K. Matsumoto
Generalizing fault contents from a few classes. H. Scott, and P.M Johnson
Short Papers: Software quality
Chair: ()
An Approach to Global Sensitivity Analysis: FAST on COCOMO. S. Wagner
An Approach to Outlier Detection of Software Measurement Data using the K-means Clustering Method. K. Yoon, O. Kwon, and D. Bae
A cost effectiveness measure for software development. H. Erdogmus
How Software Designs Decay: A Pilot Study of Pattern Evolution. C. Izurieta, and J.M. Bieman
Estimating the Quality of Widely Used Software Products Using Software Reliability Growth Modeling: Case Study of an IBM Federated Database Project. P.L. Li, R. Nakagawa, and R. Montroy
Correlation between bug notifications, messages and participants in Debian's bug tracking system. M. Pérez-Francisco, and P. Boronat-Pérez
Investigating Test Teams' Defect Detection in Function Test. C. Andersson
Comparison of Outlier Detection Methods on Fault-proneness Models. S. Matsumoto, Y. Kamei, A. Monden, and K. Matsumoto
Talking tests: a Preliminary Experimental Study on Fit User Acceptance Tests. M. Torchiano, F. Ricca, and M. Di Penta
9:00-10:00 Keynote address
Chair: Carolyn Seaman (University of Maryland-Baltimore County and Fraunhofer Center-Maryland, USA)
Helping End-User Programmers "Engineer" Software: an Opportunity for Empirical Researchers. G. Rothermel
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-12:30 Performing Systematic Reviews
Chair: ()
Developing Search Strategies for Detecting Relevant Experiments for Systematic Reviews. O. Dieste, and A. Griman
Applying Systematic Reviews to Diverse Study Types: An Experience Report. T. Dybå, T. Dingsøyr, and G.K. Hanssen
Using Context Distance Measurement to Analyze Results across Studies. D. Cruzes, M. Mendonça, V. Basili, F. Shull, and M. Jino
A Visual Text Mining approach for Systematic Reviews. V. Malheiros, E. Höhn, R. Pinho, M. Mendonça, and J.C. Maldonado
Empirical Studies of Agile Methods
Chair: ()
Usage and Perceptions of Agile Software Development in an Industrial Context: An Exploratory Study. A. Begel, and N. Nagappan
A Replicate Empirical Comparison Between Software Development with Inspection and Pair Development. M. Phongpaibul, and B. Boehm
A Comparative Case Study on the Impact of Test-Driven Development on . Program Design and Test Coverage. M. Siniaalto, and P. Abrahamsson
An Experimental Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Test-Driven Development. A. Gupta, and P. Jalote
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Software Metrics
Chair: ()
Fine-Grained Software Metrics in Practice. M. English, J. Buckley, and T. Cahill
Conceptual Differences Between Functional Size Measurement Methods. C. Gencel, and O. Demirors
Evaluating Software Project Control Centers in Industrial Environments. M. Ciolkowski, J. Heidrich, J. Münch, F. Simon, and M. Radicke
Effort Estimation in New Environments
Chair: ()
Comparing Size Measures for Predicting Web Application Development Effort: A Case Study. S. Di Martino, F. Ferrucci, C. Gravino, and E. Mendes
A Comparison of Techniques for Web Effort Estimation. E. Mendes
Effort Prediction in Iterative Software Development Processes - Incremental Versus Global Prediction Models. P. Abrahamsson, R. Moser, W. Pedrycz, A. Sillitti, and G. Succi
Short Papers: Empirical Research, Case Study Design and Surveys
Chair: ()
A Survey of the Practice of Design - Code Correspondence amongst Professional Software Engineers. A. Nugroho, and M.R.V. Chaudron
Assessing the Quality Impact of Design Inspections. C. Ackermann, F. Shull, R. Carbon, C. Denger, and M. Lindvall
A Controlled Experiment on the Effects of Synchronicity in Remote Inspection Meetings. F. Calefato, F. Lanubile, and T. Mallardo
A Survey of Enterprise Software Development Risks in a Global World. J.l Bhuta, S. Mallick, and S.V. Subrahmanya
Checklists for Software Engineering Case Study Research. M. Höst, and P. Runeson
Evidence relating to Object-Oriented software design: A survey. J. Bailey, D. Budgen, M. Turner, B. Kitchenham, P. Brereton, and S. Linkman
A Snapshot of the State of Practice in Software Development for Medical Devices. C. Denger, R.L. Feldmann, M. Höst, C. Lindholm, and F. Shull
GQM+Strategies - Aligning Business Strategies with Software Measurement. V. Basili, J. Heidrich, M. Lindvall, J. Munch, M. Regardie, and A. Trendowicz
Automated Information Extraction from Empirical Software Engineering Literature: Is that possible? D. Cruzes, M. Mendon&ccecil;a, V. Basili, F. Shull and M. Jino
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
Software Data Mining
Chair: ()
Mining Software Evolution to Predict Refactoring. J. Ratzinger, T. Sigmund, P. Vorburger, and H. Gall
Using Software Dependencies and Churn Metrics to Predict Field Failures: An Empirical Case Study. N. Nagappan, and T. Ball

Fault-Prone Filtering: Detection of Fault-Prone Modules Using Spam Filtering Technique. O. Mizuno, S. Ikami, S. Nakaichi, and T. Kikuno

Homogeneity in Effort Estimation
Chair: ()
Is This Cost Estimate Reliable? - The Relationship between Homogeneity of Analogues and Estimation Reliability. N. Ohsugi, A. Monden, N. Kikuchi, M.D. Barker, M. Tsunoda, T. Kakimoto, and K. Matsumoto
Building Software Cost Estimation Models using Homogenous Data. R. Premraj, and T. Zimmermann Comparing Local and Global Software Effort Estimation Models - Reflections on a Systematic Review. S. G. MacDonell, and M.J. Shepperd
Empirical Studies of Architecture
Chair: ()
Characterizing Software Architecture Changes: An Initial Study. B.J. Williams, and J.C. Carver
The Impact of Group Size on Software Architecture Evaluation: A Controlled Experiment. M. Ali Babar, and B. Kitchenham
Evaluating the Usefulness and Ease of Use of a Groupware Tool for the Software Architecture Evaluation Process. M. Ali Babar, D. Winkler, and S. Biffl
International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement - Madrid