Empirical Software Engineering

Slides from Meeting

1. New Participant Introductions
Chair: Dieter Rombach

2. Candidates 5 mins presentation each.
NRC - Erdogmus; 
Mississippi - Carver;
Valencia - Pastor; 
Northrop Grumman - Selby; 
Japan Manned Space - Ms. Nakao Haruka; 
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Sassaneh Poosti; 
Sheffield - Cowling.

3. Guidelines for Empirical Research
Chair: Dieter Rombach, Dieter.Rombach@iese.fraunhofer.de
Carolyn Seaman: Guidelines for qualitative research & publication 
Dieter Rombach: Lessons learned at IESE 

4. Data Ownership
Chair: Vic Basili, basili@cs.umd.edu

5. Comparable Evidence: subjects, objects and context?
Claes Wohlin: Comparable Evidence across Experiments (session introduction)
Josť Maldonado: Readers Project: Quality Aspects in Empirical Studies
Barbara Kitchenham: Witch Doctors and Sugar Pills 

6. Generalisation from Empirical Studies
Tore DybŚ: Generalization from empirical studies (session intro)
Erik Arisholm: Generalizing results through a series of replicated experiments on software maintainability
Jeff Carver: Methods and Tools for Supporting Generalization

Tuesday, 15th November

7. Value-based Empirical Methods
Chair: Barry Boehm, boehm@cse.usc.edu
Stefan Biffl, Aybuke Aurum, Rick Selby, Dan Port, Barry Boehm
Summary of Session

8. Agile Development
Chair: Pekka Abrahamsson, Pekka.Abrahamsson@vtt.fi
Hakan Erdogmus: Agile economics: Value of agile software development
Laurie Williams: Conducting industrially relevant case studies
Erik Arisholm: Evaluating Pair Programming among Professional Java Developers
Empirical Manifesto Slides

9. Balancing Practices: Inspections, Testing, and Others
Chairs: Marcus Ciolkowski and Forrest Shull
Tony Cowling, Masa Katahira, Executive Summary of Session

10. Measuring Alignment of Stakeholder Goals and Requirements
Chair: Karl Cox, Karl.Cox@nicta.com.au